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Underfloor Heating Installation Service Across the UK

Professional underfloor heating installation services, wherever you are in the UK. With over +700 Gas Safe Engineers, we’ll get your house warm and cosy in no time.
Contact us today and get an expert underfloor heating installer to your door by 2pm the next day.

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Our Central Heating Installation Services

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Expert UK Central Heating Installers

We’re experts in the UK’s unique heating needs and requirements, delivering efficient and reliable central heating services across multiple locations. If you contact us today, we match you with a local expert who can tailor solutions to suit your needs – by 2pm tomorrow.

Customised installation services to suit your heating needs

We respect the uniqueness of every space. That’s why we customise underfloor heating systems to fit you and your property – taking into account specific characteristics and dimensions.  No matter the shape or size of your property, we’ll make sure you can enjoy the full benefits of underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating compatible with all flooring types

We offer underfloor heating which is compatible with all flooring types so that whatever your existing living space, we can make sure to get you fitted with an efficient underfloor heating system.

Safety first

We install underfloor heating systems that operate at low tempreatures to mitigate the risk of overheating or burns. All our installation processes adhere to the strictest safety protocols and we always carry out thorough system testing before considering our job done.

Optimised flooring options for energy efficiency

Before starting installation, we always factor in the layout of the room, the materials to use and insulation levels to over you the most efficient solution.


Our Underfloor Heating Installation Process

1. First Assessment and Design: We start with a comprehensive assessment of your living space to design a personalised underfloor heating system solution.
2. Efficient and Expert Installation: Our skilled professionals work efficiently and diligently to ensure that the installation causes as little disruption as possible to your routine.
3. Thorough Testing & Quality Checks: We carry out thorough checks after installation to ensure the system is running reliably and efficiently.
4. Customisation to suit property needs: We personalise each installation to suit the unique requirements of your property, taking maximum energy efficiency into account.

Why Choose Warmable For Underfloor Heating Installation?

At Warmable, we know the importance of professional and safe heating installation. We work with certified engineers across the UK who adhere to strict safety protocols and warranty requirements. Wherever you are based, Warmable can find you a registered engineer in 24 hours for underfloor heating installations that bring peace of mind.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs means no nasty surprises later.

Rapid Response

We can get a professional to your door – usually within 1 day.

Free Quotes

Our installation quotes are comprehensive and commitment-free.

Professional Service

All our expert engineers are Gas Safe Registered and highly professional.

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Our Key Underfloor Heating Installation Services

Where Can I Get Underfloor Heating Installation Services Near Me?

At Warmable, we work with +700 Registered Gas Safe engineers all over the UK. Enquire today and we can get a professional to your door by 2pm the next day. Here are just some of our key locations:

Discover all our UK locations.


How soon can we arrange a call out?

If you enquire today, we can get a call out by 2pm tomorrow.

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a type of heating system installed underneath the floor surface. It offers even heat distribution to create a comfortable and energy-efficient form of heating.

What types of underfloor heating system are there?

There are two main types of underfloor heating systems: electric systems and water systems. Electric systems use electric cables or mats to generate heat whereas water systems (hydronic) rely on a network of pipes to circulate warm water from a boiler or heat pump.

Why choose underfloor heating?

  • Energy-efficient – can often be more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods
  • Maximum comfort – it offers even heat distribution so you can stay warm wherever you are in the home
  • Space-efficient – instead of wall-mounted radiators, underfloor heating maximises space

How much is underfloor heating?

Electric systems cost between £50-£75 per square metre whereas water systems can cost between £80-£150 – including installation. However, the cost of underfloor heating installation varies depending on the type of system and size of the area.

Is underfloor heating compatible with all types of flooring?

Yes, underfloor heating can be installed under multiple different types of floor, including carpet, stone, wood, laminate and tile.

How long does underfloor heating take to install?

Underfloor heating can take an average of 1-3 days to be installed by a professional for a single room; however, exact installation time will depend on the area size and type of heating system.

How easy is underfloor heating to maintain?

Very, electric underfloor systems typically need little to no maintenance, while water systems might require occasional checks for leaks or efficient functioning.

Is underfloor heating environmentally friendly?

Yes, underfloor heating can be a n environmentally friendly option, especially if combined with renewable energy sources like solar panels or heat pumps. Because it operates at lower temperatures compared to traditional heating systems, it leads to reduced energy consumption.

Can underfloor heating increase property value?

Yes, underfloor heating can increase property value thanks to its energy-efficiency, comfort and modernity. It is often viewed as a luxury home feature which can increase the value.

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