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Boiler Installation, Repairs and Servicing In Durham, Gilesgate, Framwellgate Moore and Newton Hall

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Boiler Service, Repair and Installation In Durham

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How Long Does Boiler Installation Take In Durham?


The time needed for installing boilers in Durham can vary significantly due to several factors. These factors encompass the type of boiler (combi, system, or regular), installation complexity, current heating system condition, and specific home details.

For straightforward installations, the process usually lasts 1-3 days. However, if the installation involves relocating the boiler or changing its type, the duration could be longer. This is because new piping might need fitting or structural changes could be necessary.

Total Process Duration: Consider that the complete installation process can take more time when factoring in the initial assessment, getting quotes, and scheduling the installation.

Importance of Gas Safe Engineers: It’s crucial to enlist the services of a Gas Safe registered engineer for any boiler installation in Durham or throughout England. Prioritise requesting quotes from multiple companies and evaluating their ratings before finalising your choice of a company or engineer for the installation.

Preparation for Disruption: Installing a boiler is a significant endeavour. It’s wise to anticipate some disruption during the installation period, especially if it’s carried out in colder months.


How Much Time Does Boiler Installation Take In Durham?

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How Much Does Boiler Installation and Replacement Cost In Durham?

How Much Does Boiler Installation And Replacement Cost In Durham?


The price for fitting a boiler in Durham can change a lot. It depends on the type of boiler, how hard it is to install, and how much the installer asks for. Here are some ballpark figures for the UK market:

  • Combi boiler: A new combi boiler, including installation, can cost from £1,500 to £3,500. Combi boilers are liked in the UK because they warm up water straight from the main water line, meaning you don’t need a tank to store hot water.
  • System boiler: Installing a new system boiler typically costs between £1,600 and £4,000. System boilers need a cylinder to hold hot water, but they use water straight from the mains, which can make your shower stronger.
  • Regular (or conventional) boiler: Regular boilers, also known as traditional or conventional ones, cost between £1,800 and £3,500, including installation. They need both a cylinder and a tank and are good for houses with an old-style heating system that uses a separate hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank.

Don’t forget that you might be able to get grants or schemes to help pay for installing a new boiler, especially if you’re replacing an old, energy-wasting model with a new, energy-saving one.

Look for any available schemes with local authorities or energy providers. And make sure that your installer is Gas Safe registered, which is a must for anyone working on gas appliances in the UK.

See our guide on the types of boilers you can install.

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Do I Need Permission For a New Boiler Installation In Durham?

Do I Need Permission For A New Boiler Installation In Durham?


In most cases, installing a new boiler in your Durham home doesn’t require planning permission. UK law usually considers it as ‘permitted development.’ This applies not only in Durham but also across England.

Exceptions to Remember

However, there are some exceptions where planning permission might be necessary:

  • Listed Buildings or Conservation Areas: If you live in such areas, altering your building’s appearance during boiler installation might need permission.
  • Boiler Flue Placement: When the flue extends outside your property and faces a highway on the main or side, you might need planning permission.

When in Doubt, Ask Local Council

If you’re unsure about needing planning permission, reach out to your local council’s planning department. They can guide you based on Durham’s or any other part of England’s rules.

See our guide on what happens during a boiler service.

Can I Do My Own Gas Boiler Installation In Durham?


It’s against the law for anyone without Gas Safe registration to install boilers in Durham. This rule is in place to safeguard residents and homes. Poor installation can lead to gas leaks, fires, explosions, and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Safe registered engineers are qualified to work legally and safely on gas appliances, including boilers. Their expertise ensures proper installation and operation.

Once a Gas Safe registered engineer installs your boiler, you’ll receive a certificate confirming that the installation follows all necessary rules. If you’re replacing an old boiler, they can safely disconnect and remove it.

While it might seem cost-effective to install a boiler yourself, it’s neither safe nor legal unless you’re Gas Safe registered. For safety and correctness, always entrust this job to a professional.


Where Can I Get A Boiler Service In Durham?

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