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Frequently Asked Questions About Warmable

Who Are Warmable?

Warmable is a boiler comparison website that connects you with experienced engineers across the UK.

Our platform allows you to compare different boiler options so you can make informed decisions for your heating needs. Warmable offers the convenience of obtaining free quotes for boiler installation, repair, or servicing from qualified professionals.

We also have some helpful guides on our website so you can stay  informed when it comes to heating your home.

How Does Warmable Work?

Start by entering your location and basic requirements on our form. Our team of expert advisors will then connect you with a trusted local engineer as per your specifications. You can request a free quote for installation, repair, or servicing from a certified engineer in your area.

Can I Use Warmable Outside the UK?

No, Warmable operates across the UK but not outside the UK. We help people in England, Scotland, and Wales to heat their homes.

Are Warmable's Engineers Reliable?

Yes, Warmable exclusively works with Gas Safe Registered engineers. This ensures that they are certified professionals with extensive experience in the heating industry. We thoroughly vet all our partners to ensure they meet the highest standards of expertise and reliability.

Is Warmable Free?

Yes, always. Warmable’s services, including comparing boilers and obtaining installation, repair, or servicing quotes, are completely free of charge.

Why Is Warmable Free To Use?

Warmable is free to use because we get a commission from our partners. This commission is given regardless of which provider you choose, and regardless of whether you decide to get a boiler serve through our website or not. This allows us to be impartial.

What Info Do I Need To Provide?

Use our form to tell us your needs and your location. An advisor will get back in touch with you, using the contact details you provide.

Can I Use Warmable For Commercial Properties?

If your needs are different due to owning a commercial property, make a note of this in the form.

How Often Should I Service My Boiler?

We recommend having your boiler serviced annually. This helps identify potential issues early on, ensuring your boiler operates safely and efficiently, and can also help prevent unexpected breakdowns. By doing this, you’ll save money in the long run.

Is My Personal Info Secure With Warmable?

Yes, Warmable takes privacy and security seriously. Your data is only used to find you a boiler quote. We may share some information with our partners.

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