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Boiler Service, Repair And Installation In Leicester, Braunstone Town, Belgrave, Aylestone

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How Long Does Boiler Installation Take In Leicester?

Typically, a straightforward installation will take between 1-3 days in Leicester.

The duration of a boiler installation in Leicester can be influenced by various factors. Your home’s specifics, including the type of boiler being installed (combi, system, or regular), installation complexity, and the condition of your existing heating system, all play a role.

If the new boiler is of a different type or being placed in a new location, additional time might be needed due to new pipework or structural adjustments.

It’s crucial to note that while the physical installation of the boiler might only span a few days, the overall process could take longer, accounting for the initial assessment, obtaining quotes, and scheduling the installation.

Opting for a Gas Safe registered engineer for any Leicester boiler installation, or installations anywhere in England, is always advisable. Moreover, seeking multiple quotes and reviewing feedback before finalising a company or engineer choice is a prudent step.

Lastly, given the  nature of a boiler installation, it’s wise to prepare for potential disruptions during the installation period, particularly if it coincides with colder months.

See our guide on the most efficient types of boilers.

How Long Does Boiler Installation Take In Leicester

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What's The Cost Of Boiler Installation In Leicester

What’s The Cost Of Boiler Installation In Leicester?

The total price of a new boiler installation in Leicester can vary. It depends on the boiler kind, how hard it is to put in, and what the person putting it in charges.

Combi Boiler

A new combi boiler with fitting can be from £1,500 to £3,500. People in the UK like combi boilers. They make water hot straight from the water main, so you don’t need a hot water tank.

System Boiler

A new system boiler with fitting can be from £1,600 to £4,000. System boilers need a hot water tank but use water straight from the main. This can mean a better shower.

Regular (Or Conventional) Boiler

Regular boilers, also known as traditional or old-style, cost from £1,800 to £3,500 with fitting. They need a hot water tank and a cold water tank. They’re good for houses with an old-style heating system that uses a separate hot water tank and a cold water tank.

Don’t forget, you might be able to get help to pay for a new boiler, especially if you’re changing an old, wasteful model for a new, energy-saving one. Ask local authorities or energy companies about any help they can offer.

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Do I Need Permission For A New Boiler In Leicester

Do I Need Permission For A New Boiler Installation In Leicester?

No – typically, when installing a new boiler in your Leicester home, you won’t need planning permission. This is because it’s usually categorized as ‘permitted development’ under UK law.

This rule applies whether you reside in Leicester, England, or any other part of the country. However, there are certain exceptions where planning permission might be required:

  1. Listed Buildings or Conservation Areas: If your home is a listed building or situated in a conservation area, obtaining permission might be necessary before installing a new boiler. This is especially relevant if the installation could alter the building’s appearance.
  2. Boiler Flue Facing a Highway: If the boiler flue extends outside the property and is positioned on the main or side elevation facing a highway, you might need to seek planning permission.

To determine whether you need planning permission for your specific circumstances, consider consulting your local council’s planning department. They can offer guidance based on the local regulations in England.

Is It Possible To Do Your Own Boiler Installation In Leicester?

No – in Leicester, it is not permissible for an individual without Gas Safe registration to conduct a boiler installation, regardless of the property’s location.

This regulation is established to uphold the safety of both residents and properties. An incorrect installation can result in hazardous situations such as gas leaks, fires, explosions, and exposure to carbon monoxide.

Gas Safe registered engineers possess the necessary qualifications to perform gas appliance work, including boiler installations, in a secure and legal manner. Upon installing your boiler, a Gas Safe registered engineer will furnish you with a certificate to verify the proper installation, confirming adherence to all regulations.

In cases where you’re replacing an older boiler, the engineer can also adeptly disconnect and appropriately dispose of the former unit.

While the prospect of self-installation might appear cost-effective, it’s essential to recognize that this approach is neither secure nor lawful unless you hold Gas Safe registration.

To ensure the safety and correctness of the work, it is always recommended to engage a professional.

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Can I Fit My Own Gas Boiler In Leicester

Where Can I Get A Boiler Service In Leicester?

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