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Solar Panels Installation In Newcastle upon Tyne, Jesmond, Gosforth and Benwell

From upgrading existing systems to new installations, we have a network of solar panel installers in Newcastle who can carry out the work as soon as possible. Get in touch today via our quick form and we will work fast to connect you to a trusted engineer. 

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Solar Panel Installation Newcastle

What Are The Benefits of Solar Panels in Newcastle?

Clean and Renewable Energy – Solar panels reduce reliance on fossil fuels, combat climate change, and contribute to a sustainable future. By choosing clean and renewable energy, you actively participate in the reduction of carbon footprints.
Financial Savings – While there’s an upfront cost for installation, solar panels offer substantial long-term benefits. With a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, they ensure a solid return on investment and significant reductions in energy bills.
Energy Independence – Solar panels provide a degree of energy independence by generating power on-site. This is particularly advantageous during peak demand periods or power outages, ensuring a reliable source of electricity.
Property Value Boost – Solar panels enhance property value, making it an attractive investment for potential homebuyers or commercial property investors in Newcastle.
Low Maintenance – Designed for durability, solar panels require minimal maintenance. Routine cleaning and occasional inspections keep them running efficiently.

How Easy Is It To Get Solar Panel Installation In Newcastle?


Warmable is here to make solar panel installtion as easy as possible!

We have a network of solar panel engineers all around the UK. Once you fill in our online form, a member of the Warmable team will be in touch promptly to organise an on-site visit from a local fitter. They will offer you a quote and get to work at your convenience.

Warmable is here to help you seize this opportunity and secure the best deals on solar panels in Newcastle. Click below to get started.

What Is The Installation Process For Solar Panels In Newcastle?


  1. Site Assessment– Before installation, our experienced engineers conduct a comprehensive site assessment, considering factors like your roof’s orientation and shading.
  2. Panel Installation – Solar panels are securely mounted on your roof using specialised racking systems, with the angle and orientation adjusted for optimal sunlight exposure.
  3. Inverter Installation – An inverter converts generated DC electricity into AC for compatibility with your home’s electrical system.
  4. Connection to Electrical System – The converted AC electricity is then connected to your home’s electrical system, powering your lights, appliances, and heating/cooling systems.
  5. Regular Maintenance – Routine cleaning and occasional inspections ensure your residential solar panels operate at peak efficiency throughout their long lifespan.
What Is The Installation Process For Solar Panels In Liverpool?

How Much Could I Save With Solar Panel Installation In Newcastle?


How much you can save depend on the system size. Newcastle residents can save nearly £1,500 per year on energy bills with the right solar panel system. Our expert team can guide you to choose the best solar panel size for your needs:

  • 3kW System: 8 panels, saving approximately £850 per year.
  • 4kW System: 11 panels, with savings around £980 annually.
  • 5kW System: 13 panels, providing savings of about £1,460 per year.
  • 6kW System: 16 panels, yielding savings of £1,460 and beyond.

Types of Residential Solar Panels Available In Newcastle?


  • Monocrystalline Panels – Known for high efficiency and a sleek appearance, monocrystalline panels are an excellent choice when space is limited on your home.
  • Polycrystalline Panels – Cost-effective with a good balance between efficiency and affordability, polycrystalline panels are suitable for homes in Newcastle where space is not a major concern.
  • Thin-Film Panels – Flexible and lightweight, thin-film panels offer versatility in installation, adapting to various residential requirements.

If there is another type of panel you are interested in, speak to the team at Warmable who can guide you to an expert installer and the best prices.

I Already Have Solar Panels In Newcastle, Should I Upgrade Them?


If you are and existing residential solar panel owner in Newcastle, considering an upgrade is a smart move. Technological advancements continually improve efficiency and performance. Although there is a high initial upfront cost, upgrading your system could help to maximise energy savings for your home in the long run.

Solar Panel Installation in Newcastle upon Tyne inlcuding Jesmond, Gosforth, Heaton, Fenham, Byker, Walker, Benwell, Westerhope, Denton Burn, Elswick and Blakelaw

Do Solar Panels Work With The Weather in Newcastle?


Yes, although on cloudy days the efficiency of your solar panels with decrease, your home will continure to generate electricity, providing overall benefits.  Cloudy weather is not uncommon in Newcastle and your panels may produce less energy on overcast days. However, they will continue to generate electricity, and you will still feel the overall benefits of solar energy for your home or business. 

Can I Install Solar Panels on a Flat Roof in Newcastle?


Yes, you can install solar panels on a flat roof in Newcastle. There are special mounting systems available that tilt the panels to the optimal angle for maximum sunlight exposure. Flat roofs can infact be an excellent location for solar panel installations, and our experts at Warmable can guide you through the installation process.

Get Started With Solar Panel Installation in Newcastle


Getting started is easy. Fill in our quick form, and our expert team at Warmable will work to get you the best price for your installation. We’ll guide you through the process, find a local solar panel specialist in your local area who will provide you with a free quote tailored to your specific needs, and ensure a seamless transition to sustainable, solar-powered energy for your property.

Where Can I Get Solar Panel Installation In Newcastle?

Warmable serves a wide range of residential areas within Newcastle. We can help you find solar panel installtion in the following areas and beyond:

  • Newcastle City Centre
  • Jesmond
  • Heaton
  • Gosforth
  • Byker
  • And more

Our online form can be filled in from wherever you are located on your phone, tablet or laptop. So wherever you live or operate your business in Newcastle, get in touch with Warmable today! 

Are There Financial Incentives For Installing Solar Panels?


The initial cost of solar panels can seem daunting, but there are a number of financial incentives available that could help offset the upfront cost:

  • Energy Company Obligation (ECO): The ECO is an energy efficiency program that may provide funding or incentives for installing energy-saving measures alongside solar panel installations, particularly for low-income households.
  • Green Homes Grant (GHG): Newcastle City Council have secured limited funding through the Government’s Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery scheme. Through the scheme, households can get fully and partially funded energy efficiency home improvement measures like insulation and solar panels.

What Is The Life Span Of Solar Panels?


The lifespan of solar panels averages between 25-30 years and is influenced by factors like the quality of materials used, the manufacturer’s warranty, environmental conditions and regular maintenance. While the high initial costs can be a concern, the long-term benefits, including reduced energy bills and a positive environmental impact, make solar panels a worthwhile investment.

With regular maintenance you can make sure your solar panels remain working at their best for many years. Regular upkeep, including cleaning and inspections, ensures optimal efficiency throughout their lifespan.

FAQs About Solar Panels in Newcastle

1. How Much Can You Save With Solar Panels In Newcastle?

The savings with solar panels in Newcastle depend on factors such as system size, energy consumption, and local incentives. On average, Newcastle homeowners can save around £250 to £400 per year on electricity bills. Over the panels’ 25 to 30-year lifespan, these savings accumulate significantly.

2. What Is The Lifespan Of Solar Panels In Newcastle?

Solar panels in Newcastle typically last 25 to 30 years. High-quality panels may last longer, depending on factors like materials, warranty, environmental conditions, and maintenance.

3. Is The Investment In Solar Panels In Newcastle Worth It?

Yes, investing in solar panels in Newcastle is financially sound. With reasonable sunshine and financial incentives, you can expect a return on investment through energy savings and potential earnings from excess energy production.

4. On Average, How Many Solar Panels Power A House In Newcastle?

The number of panels for a Newcastle house depends on factors like energy consumption. A typical residential solar panel system in the UK is around 3 to 4 kW, requiring 8 to 11 panels for a small to medium-sized house.

5. Do Solar Panels Provide Free Electricity In Newcastle?

Getting started with solar panel installation in Liverpool is easy! Simply fill in our quick form, and our expert team at Warmable will provide you with a free quote tailored to your specific needs. We’ll guide you through the process, answer any further questions, and ensure a seamless transition to sustainable, solar-powered energy for your property.

6. Can I Get Electricity At Night With Solar Panels In Newcastle?

While solar panels don’t generate electricity at night, excess energy produced during the day can be stored in batteries for nighttime use, reducing reliance on the grid.

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