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Solar Panel Installations for Farms & Agriculture in the UK

Professional solar panel installation services for farms and agricultural institutions across the UK.
+700 Engineers across all UK locations for expert solar panel installation.
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Why Solar Power is Ideal for Farms & Agricultural Centres

We are committed to help create a cleaner energy future.

Using solar power for farms and the agricultural industry at once reduces operational costs and helps weave sustainability into all processes.

Farms and agricultural centres have so much potential. At Warmable, our installers can transform your farm or agricultural centre into a key resource for a more sustainable future.

Access to sunlight – farms are often located in areas which have a high access to direct sunlight, necessary for generating solar power.

Large and open spaces – farms are the perfect location for installing solar panels due to their large open spaces.

Low shade – farms tend to be unobstructed from shade (e.g. from trees or buildings) for maximum performance for solar panels
High energy demands – farms tend to have sky-high energy bills due to the electricity needed to power operations. Solar panels can help farms generate their own electricity and significantly cut energy bills.
Environmental benefits – solar power is a renewable energy source which can help farms cut their carbon footprint and reduce emissions.

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Benefits of Solar Panels for Farms & Agriculture

Save money:  Solar panels can significantly cut running costs for the farm, saving money to spend on other resources.
Power irrigation systems: Irrigation is crucial for farming and requires a high volume of energy. Solar panels can power irrigation systems and reduce the need for grid electricity or diesel generators.
Energy source for buildings: Solar panels can be installed on farm buildings to generate electricity for heating, cooling and lighting.
Power electric farm vehicles: Farms can use solar power to charge electric farm vehicles including tractors and trucks.
Additional revenue: If farms or agricultural centres generate more energy than needed, they could create an additional revenue source by selling any excess energy back to the grid.
Generate heat for livestock buildings: Farms can use solar power to generate heat for livestock buildings including pig pens and poultry sheds.

Best Location for Solar Panels on Farms

Barn roofs – often flat or sloping, and usually large in size, barn roofs are the perfect place for solar panels. To install solar panels on a barn roof, we must first assess structural integrity and orientation and prepare for mounting systems and inverter connections for direct current and alternating current power.

Farm fields – these large, open spaces present great opportunities for installing solar panels in the form of ground-mounted solar panels, solar canopies or floating solar panels

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Why Choose Warmable For Solar Panel Installation?

At Warmable, we know the importance of professional, safe and efficient solar panel installation services. We work with certified engineers across the UK who adhere to strict safety protocols and warranty requirements. Wherever you are based, Warmable can find you a registered engineer in 24 hours for solar panel installations that help your farm save money and save the planet.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs means no nasty surprises later.

Rapid Response

We can get a professional to your door – usually within 1 day.

Free Quotes

Our installation quotes are comprehensive and commitment-free.

Professional Service

We work with highly qualified, expert engineers across the country.

Expert UK Solar Panels Installers

We’re experts in the UK’s unique solar needs and requirements, delivering efficient and reliable solar panel installation services across multiple locations. If you contact us today, we match you with a local expert who can tailor solutions to suit your needs – by 2pm tomorrow.

High efficiency and high performance solutions
Durability and longevity
The latest technology and innovation
Professional services and expert engineers

Our Solar Panel Installation Services

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Where Can I Get Solar Panel Installation Services Near Me?

At Warmable, we work with +700 engineers all over the UK. Enquire today and we can get a professional to your door by 2pm the next day. Here are just some of our key locations:

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Why install solar panels in farms and agricultural centres?

Solar panel installation for farms and agriculture can help generate your own electricity, reduce running costs, promote sustainability and significantly lower your carbon footprint.

How much can I save by installing solar panels on my farm?

On average, institutions can save up to 50% or more on their annual energy bills by installing solar panels. Farms can expect to see a return on investment within 3-7 years. The amount of money saved will depend on the size of the installation, current energy usage and local electricity rates.

How long does solar panel installation take?

The installation process will take a few weeks, depending on how complex the project is. From start to finish, the process will include initial consultation and site assessment, design and planning, permitting, installation and commissioning.

Can solar panels work for facilities in cloudy areas?

Yes, modern solar panels are designed to generate electricity in a range of different weather conditions. Solar panels will still generate electricity on cloudy days although at a lower efficiency. Excess energy generated on sunny days will be stored for later usage.

Can solar panels power my entire farm or agricultural centre?

Depending on the size of your solar installation and your energy consumption, solar panels have the potential to power your entire farm or agricultural complex. At Warmable, our experts can design a solar panel solution that meets your energy needs and optimises your operations for greater savings.

Can farms receive funding for solar panels?

Yes, in the UK, there are grants available including the Solar grant and Farm Productivity grant.  This can help farms save money on solar panel installation and help transition to renewable energy.

Are barn roofs suitable for solar panel installations?

Yes, barn roofs are ideal for solar panel installation thanks to their flat or sloping surfaces and large size for maximum sunlight exposure.

How do I know if my barn roof can support solar panels?

Our experts must first assess the structural integrity and condition of your roof to ensure it can support the weight of the solar panels. We always offer surveys to evaluate your building’s suitability before solar panel installation.

What preparations are required before solar panel installation on a barn roof?

The barn roof should be in good condition, capable of supporting the system’s weight and have the correct angle and orientation to maximise sunlight exposure.

How can the electricity generated by the solar panels be used on the farm?

There are many ways that the solar powered electricity can be used on a farm including powering irrigation systems, heating buildings and powering electric vehicles and other farming equipment.

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