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A new boiler in the UK will set you back anything from £500 to £3,500 – and that’s before taking into account installation costs. But are there certain factors that make a boiler cost more or less? The answer is yes. There are many, many variables affecting the price of a boiler including type, manufacturer, size, warranty and your personal heating requirements. We at Warmable have pooled together our expertise to share all the factors you need to consider when determining how much to pay for a boiler. We do the hard work so you don’t have to!

How Much is a New Boiler?

So, first we need to think about how much a new boiler costs. New boilers can cost anywhere from £500-£3,500 (excluding installation) or from around £1,500 to £5,000 with installation costs. However, the cost of a new boiler will vary greatly depending on the boiler type – different boiler types have different installation requirements, some of which are more complex than others. There is also a difference between gas or electric – gas boilers need to be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer so installation costs will typically be higher.

Which Are The Most Expensive Boiler Types To Install?

There is not a huge amount of difference in price of the boiler itself when it comes to comparing gas vs. electric boilers; however, because gas boilers are still more common, it is more likely that you’ll find a cheaper gas boiler.

On top of that, you then have the installation costs which can be anywhere between £500-£1,000. The cost of installation will vary depending on the location of the boiler and the boiler size.

In terms of gas boilers or electric boilers, both of them will cost between £500-£1,000 to install. On the whole, electric boilers are quicker, easier and sometimes cheaper to install because they don’t require a flue, gas line or condensate pipe. When buying a new boiler, it’s important to get multiple boiler quotes and compare them using our free comparison tool. At Warmable, we connect you with local installers, at the best fixed prices and with a 24 to 48-hour site visit and turnaround.

Which Are The Most Expensive Boiler Types To Run?

Nearly 85% of homes in the UK rely on gas central heating according to data from 2021. But is this the cheapest boiler to run? Well, it depends on the type of house that you are trying to heat and the efficiency of your boiler.

For smaller homes, it might be cheaper to run an electric boiler as there is only a low heating and hot water demand. Gas boilers often come with more expensive installation costs, operate less efficiently and require an annual boiler service – all of which could make it a more expensive boiler option for a small house.

However, electric boilers can increase energy bills substantially. Boilers are responsible for around 55-60% of your total energy cost so, if you have an electric boiler with a high heating demand, you could end up paying a lot for running costs.

Combi gas boilers could be a good option as they are more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run. Again, this will depend on your hot water and heating consumption. For example, in larger houses who need a more regular supply of hot water, a system boiler may be more cost effective due to its storage tank.

What Factors Make A Boiler More Expensive I

The cost of a boiler will depend on multiple factors including boiler size, efficiency and type

Does A More Powerful Boiler Cost More To Run?

Lots of power is not always a good thing for boilers. If the boiler has too much power for your heating needs, it will result in higher energy bills. Not only that, but if it generates more power than your central heating system can manage, it can lead to lower reliability and poorer heating performance.

Additional Boiler Elements That Can Affect Cost

When replacing a boiler, the need for certain additional boiler elements can increase price:

  • Vertical flue – if your boiler requires a vertical flue, rather than a horizontal flue, it will result in a higher installation cost
  • Plume kit – depending on the location of your boiler, a plume kit may need to be used which can cost between £90 to £150. This will be the case if your boiler flue is too close to a door, window or neighbour’s property.
  • Main gas pipe – if you need to upgrade or relocate your main gas pipe to install a new boiler, this will contribute to the overall installation costs.

Get the Best Quote for a Boiler

It can be overwhelming to choose a boiler. That’s why, with Warmable, we make it easy. Compare boiler quotes online using our free comparison tool. We’ll find you the best boiler price, including installation in your local area and can get you a site visit in less than 48 hours.

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