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EV Charge Point Installation Service Across the UK

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly more common, councils need to think about their role in the transition to electric mobility and how they can bring large-scale EV charging solutions.

We can help. Work with councils to offer professional EV charge point installation services, wherever you are in the UK. Contact us today and get a personalised quote and custom solution to suit your local area’s needs.

The Role of Local Councils in the Transition to Electric Mobility

Local councils have the power to provide infrastructure for electric vehicles such as EV charging points. They play a crucial role in transitioning to electric mobility.

Councils must ensure sufficient EV chargepoints in the local area so that EV owners can use facilities in the same way as petrol or diesel vehicle owners 

Councils have the power to encourage EV uptake in their local area. Typical EVs lead to 3x less CO2 emissions – they can have a a significant impact in decarbonising the area.

EV points can improve overall local air quality and mitigate related health issues. This not only reduces local air pollution but helps the zone adhere to air quality standards and avoid fines. 

EV Chargepoints in Public Car Parks

To implement EV chargepoints in the local area, councils can install them across public car parks – both surface car parks and multi-storeys. With post- or wall-mounted fast chargers, these chargepoints can be easily installed in any type of carpark.

On-street chargepoints

These chargepoints are suitable for those homeowners who do not have a driveway space. There are 3 different types:

  • Post mounted chargers – EV charging units that are fed from dedicated supply or from a lamppost electricity supply.
  • Lamppost Mounted – EV charging units that attach to a lamppost to utilise the electricity supply from inside
  • Lamppost integrated – EV charging units which houses all the charging and control electronics within the lamppost base.
Specific chargepoints for councils

We offer a range of different unique products which are specially designed for council use.

From discreet units with contactless pay options to ones which attach to or integrate with lamposts, we have a range of solutions to cater for different needs.

EV Chargers for Councils and Public Car Parks

Why Introduce Electric Charging Points in Car Parks?

With increased demand for electric vehicles, there is also an increase in the need for suitable charging infrastructure. Installing charging points in car parks lets EV drivers charge their batteries while parked, facilitating their daily lives.

Our electric EV charging solutions are versatile and integrate with different software. They can also be customised to suit your needs.

Increased Loyalty and Revenue for Local Shops

If EV drivers can easily charge their car while parked, they are more likely to want to shop in that place. This can boost local trade and loyalty for local shops and car parks.

Higher Customer Turnover

The average time in a parking spot is 1hr. In that time 80% of an EV battery can be charged with a 30kW charging point.

New Income Source

By introducing a new business model, you will also be introducing a different income source for the local area.

EV Chargers for Councils and Public Car Parks I

Expert UK EV Charging Point Installers

We’re experts in the UK’s ever-growing EV landscape, delivering efficient and reliable EV charging point services across multiple locations. Whether it’s installing an individual charging point in an individual home or fitting multiple charging points in a place of work, shop or hotel, we can always offer professional and expert services. If you contact us today, we match you with a local expert who can tailor solutions to suit your needs – by 2pm tomorrow.

Customised installation services to suit your needs
Post-installation support and maintenance
All Warmable technicians are level 3 qualified in EV charge point installation

Why Choose Warmable For EV Charging Point Installation in Public Spaces?

At Warmable, we know the importance of professional and safe installation. We work with certified Level 3 EV Charge Point Installation technicians across the UK who adhere to strict safety protocols and warranty requirements. Wherever you are based, Warmable can find you a registered technician in 24 hours for EV charging point installations that bring peace of mind.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs means no nasty surprises later.

Rapid Response

We can get a professional to your door – usually within 1 day.

Free Quotes

Our installation quotes are comprehensive and commitment-free.

Professional Service

All our technicians have a Level 3 certification for EV charging point installation.

Fill In Our Online Form Today And Warmable Will Help Connect You With An EV Charger Installer In Your Area

Where Can I Get EV Charging Point Installation Services Near Me?

At Warmable, we work with certified technicians all over the UK. Enquire today and we can get a professional to your door by 2pm the next day. Here are just some of our key locations:

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What types of EV charging points are available for public use?

There are three main types of EV charging points:

  • Slow Chargers (3-7 kW): Typically used for overnight charging, taking 6-12 hours for a full charge.
  • Fast Chargers (7-22 kW): Usually found in public car parks, shopping centers, and workplaces, taking 3-5 hours for a full charge.
  • Rapid Chargers (43-50 kW and above): Located at motorway service stations and other strategic locations, providing an 80% charge in 20-40 minutes.
The ones to consider installing would be the fast chargers.

What factors should councils consider when installing EV charging points?

  • Accessibility: Ensuring chargers are easy to access for all users, including those with disabilities.
  • Location: A location where there’ll be high demand for usage i.e. proximity to amenities and high-traffic areas.
  • Power Supply: Availability of sufficient electrical infrastructure.
  • Long-term usage: Installing chargers that can accommodate future increases in EV usage.

How can councils make EV charging points accessible to all users?

  • Chargers in well-lit, secure locations.
  • Charging bays which are wide enough for wheelchairs
  • Clear signage and instructions.
  • Easily available support services i.e. customer service hotlines.

How can councils encourage the use of EVs through their charging infrastructure?

In addition to making EV charging infrastructure more readily available, the council could go a step further in encouraging increased EV use including:

  • incentivising EV parking with free parking or discounts
  • educational campaigns about the benefits of EV and how to use public chargers
  • collaborate with local businesses to introduce charging point infrastructure in more areas

Why are EV charging points positive for environmental sustainability?

EV charging points help the transition to electric vehicles, which produce significantly lower emissions compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. This reduces overall air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, making cleaner and healthier communities.

Can EVs be charged in the rain?

Yes, EV charging stations and connectors are designed to be weather-resistant. They are safe to use in all weathers, including rain. When using, you should always ensure that the charging equipment is in good condition and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.

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