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EV Charge Point Installation Service Across the UK

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly more common, businesses need to think about how to offer their customers and staff EV charging stations in the workplace.

Professional EV charge point installation services, wherever you are in the UK.
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Benefits of EV Charging Stations in the Workplace

Lower running costs →

Electric vehicles have significantly lower running costs than petrol or diesel vehicles. For businesses centred around mobility, such as taxi drivers, bus companies or transport companies, rapid EV chargers should be the go-to choice.

Better for company cars →

For companies operating fleets of company cars, installing fast electric car charging stations at work and at relevant staff members’ homes will reduce overall running costs for the company.

Attracts more business →

As EV vehicles become more common, it’s more important to have EV charging stations at your workplacefor clients and customers to fast charge their car on your premises. This will be especially important in retail/hospitality industries.

Greener workforce →

Having EV charging points available means that your staff members can charge their electric cars at work. By having them in place, it may encourage other staff members to follow suit and adopt a greener vehicle!

Expert UK EV Charging Point Installers

We’re experts in the UK’s ever-growing EV landscape, delivering efficient and reliable EV charging point services across multiple locations. Whether it’s installing an individual charging point in an individual home or fitting multiple charging points in a place of work, shop or hotel, we can always offer professional and expert services. If you contact us today, we match you with a local expert who can tailor solutions to suit your needs – by 2pm tomorrow.

Customised installation services to suit your needs
Post-installation support and maintenance
All Warmable technicians are level 3 qualified in EV charge point installation

Why Choose Warmable For EV Charging Point Installation at my Workplace?

At Warmable, we know the importance of professional and safe installation. We work with certified Level 3 EV Charge Point Installation technicians across the UK who adhere to strict safety protocols and warranty requirements. Wherever you are based, Warmable can find you a registered technician in 24 hours for EV charging point installations that bring peace of mind.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs means no nasty surprises later.

Rapid Response

We can get a professional to your door – usually within 1 day.

Free Quotes

Our installation quotes are comprehensive and commitment-free.

Professional Service

All our technicians have a Level 3 certification for EV charging point installation.

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Our EV Charging Point Smart Features

We have a range of different smart features that can be implemented for EV charging points in the workplace

Where Can I Get EV Charging Point Installation Services Near Me?

At Warmable, we work with certified technicians all over the UK. Enquire today and we can get a professional to your door by 2pm the next day. Here are just some of our key locations:

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How much will an EV charging point installation at the workplace cost?

There are 2 main costs of workplace EV charge points: the unit price and the installation fees. For a standard project, a fully installed Type 27kW double-header unit would typically cost around £1,500 (after adjusting for grants).

A 22kW double-headed post unit costs around £2,500 – £5,000 (inc grant).

Fully installed rapid charge units can cost up to £35,000.

After you have chosen which unit is most suitable, the installer can give you a quote for the unit and for the installation costs. At Warmable, we provide free, no-commitment quotes for EV charging point installation.

Can I get a grant for installing EV charging points at my workplace?

Yes, there are grants available for installing electric car charging stations at work – grants of £350 per charge point up to a maximum of 20 charge points. More details can be found on the OZEV website.

Can I get a grant to cover existing EV charging points at the workplace?

No, companies can’t claim for existing EV charging points; the grant only applies to new charge points.

Can EVs be charged in the rain?

Yes, EV charging stations and connectors are designed to be weather-resistant. They are safe to use in all weathers, including rain. When using, you should always ensure that the charging equipment is in good condition and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

EV charging times depend on the battery size of the vehicle, the vehicle’s charging capacity, and the type of charger being used. Level 1 chargers can take 12-20 hours for a full charge while Level 2 chargers typically take 4-8 hours. It’s important to take this into account when choosing an EV charger type for your workplace – think about what your workplace needs are.

How do I maintain my EV charging station?

You should undergo regular maintenance for your EV charging station including checking for any damage to cables and connectors, keeping the charging station clean and free from obstructions, and periodically testing the unit to ensure optimal functioning.

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